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Annant World Emerges as India’s Premier Astro-Vastu Consultant

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Annant World, the leading Astro-Vastu consultancy in India, was founded by Dr Pradeep Jain and Dr Prriya Jain. Specialising in spiritual sciences such as Reiki,...

Astrologer Ankit Sharma won Best Astrologer in India Title with National Glory Award presented by Glaze Media Private

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Ankit Sharma says- Success takes two things- Consistency and Dedication. Consistency is all about stability at work and the speed at which you yield outcomes....
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A prediction of Astrology came true: An engineer’s transformation to an Astrologist

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Sougat Dasgupta is a professional astrologer Vastu consultant with over 2k clients, known and trusted across the length of India. He received his formal education...