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MeghaShrey NGO Lauded for its Cervical Cancer Free India Campaign, Seema Singh crowned as Champion of Change and Philanthropist of the Year

Meghashrey NGO, has been recognized and celebrated for its outstanding contributions to women’s health through the groundbreaking “Cervical Cancer Free India” campaign. Her relentless efforts have garnered appreciation from distinguished personalities, including Former President of India Ram Nath Kovind and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports of India Anurag Thakur.

Former President Ram Nath Kovind commended Meghashrey NGO for her transformative work in empowering women and combatting cervical cancer across the nation. In a heartfelt ceremony, he presented Seema Singh with the prestigious “Champions of Change Award,” acknowledging the unwavering commitment to eradicating cervical cancer and her positive impact on the lives of countless women.

Furthermore, Minister Anurag Thakur honored the founder of Meghashrey NGO Seema Singh with the esteemed “Philanthropist of the Year Award.” In recognition of her visionary leadership and innovative approach, Minister Thakur praised her dedication to raising awareness and promoting early detection of cervical cancer among women in both urban and rural areas.

Meghashrey NGO’s “Cervical Cancer Free India” campaign has captured the attention and support of prominent figures from various fields. The campaign’s mission to raise awareness, conduct free screenings, and empower women with life-saving knowledge has earned accolades and respect from healthcare professionals, corporate partners, and philanthropic organizations alike.

In response to the recognition, Seema Singh the founder expressed her gratitude and shared, “I am humbled and honored to receive these prestigious awards. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort of the Meghashrey team as we share our vision of a healthier, cancer-free India.”

The “Cervical Cancer Free India” campaign has left an indelible mark on communities nationwide, creating a positive and transformative impact on women’s health.

MeghaShrey NGO unwavering determination has not only saved lives but also inspired others to join the cause and work towards a future where cervical cancer is no longer a threat.

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