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Five Emerging Personalities Of The World Who Have Proved That Hard Work Leads To Success

Five emerging personalities of the world who have proved that hard work leads to success are

  • Zowey Rens
  • Charli
  • Nisha (S.Nishanthini)
  • Sabita Dakua
  • Akash Gupta

ZOWEY RENS – Philippines, Writer

Zowey Rens is a registered author in the Philippines born in 2002. She published her first completed novel at the age of 15 on Wattpad, which was inspired by C.D De Guzman’s works, also a Filipino author who writes spiritual romance novels. After completing the story, she stopped writing for two years, but the moment she received a great opportunity, the motivation to write again ignited. She was given the opportunity to write on a paid writing platform called Dreame, a writing platform under Stary Writing. She began to interact with different authors, both national and international and because of this, she was offered to co-author more than twenty international anthologies.

She also joined a local short story writing contest organized by Nooker and Double R Publications and placed in the Top 6. She was also awarded as the Best English Writer of 2022 by New Generation Publication, a unit of JEC Publication founded by Pretty Susmitha. Aside from that, she was nominated for Inquill Holder’s Award organized by Spectrum India and was also nominated for Utopia Star Awards.

These are some of the international anthologies that Zowey Rens has co-authored:

  • Co-Author of Endurance by Serlina Rose (2022)
  • Co-Author of Mothers of the World: Volume 2 by Gabriela White and Antonio Ma-at (2022)
  • Co-Author of Choices by Pallavi Jeethan (2022)
  • Co-Author of Unsaid Words by Deepika AS (2022)
  • Co-Author of Valley of Thoughts by Sabyasachi Rout (2022)
  • Co-Author of My Constellation by Hemalata Maderaju (2022)
  • Co-Author of Road to Success by Susmitha Sathish (2022)
  • Co-Author of The Broken Star by Malvi Mehta and Pragya Bharati (2022)
  • Co-Author of Dream Chaser by Meetu Chopra (2022)
  • Co-Author of Travel To Explore by Teertha Uni (2022)
  • Co-Author of Each Life Counts by Mahtab Jabeen (2022)
  • Co-Author of Crown My Inks and Fine Quill and Ink by Al-Lina Publications and Writers’ Corner (2022)
  • Co-Author of Tripper’s Thoughts by Mohamed Imran Farith (2022)
  • Co-Author of Euphoria by Shiza Karim (2022)
  • Co-Author of Mother’s Embrace by McKinley Publishing Hub (2022)
  • Co-Author of Blind Beauty by Meetu Chopra (2022)
  • Co-Author of One Day Life Will Change
  • Co-Author of Equivalent by Shiza Karim (2022)
  • Co-Author of Born To Shine by Meetu Chopra (2022)

These are her completed novels being published online:

  • Instantly (2021-Revised Version)
  • Regretfully (2021)          
  • Unforgetting You (2021)
  • Heavenly (2022)
  • Cruelly (2022) 
  • Unexpected Proposal (2022)     
  • Unexpected Groom (2022) 
  • Unexpected Baby (2022)

Zowey Rens, also known as ZoweyRens on Wattpad, is beyond grateful for all the writing opportunities that came into her life, thanking all her supporters for being with them since the beginning. Until now, Zowey Rens still continues to achieve her writing goals.

CHARLI – USA, Poet, Survivor, Fighter 

Adopted by two wonderful parents and raised with her brother and sister, Charli started her journey in Southern California, and traveled all over the state. Eventually, she made her way to Texas where she moved from her tremendous drug use to obtaining her master’s in psychology. She has experienced over 45 years of challenges, from rapes to drug addiction and shares her experiences through her poetry, hoping it will help others to find their own way in life.

Charli found ways to start letting go of her adoption, rejection, abortion, sexual assaults, drug use, and much more through her poetry and writings. She is now blessed with two grown boys and has been married to her best friend for three years.

Charli continues to write in New Mexico, United States. She hopes to communicate to others that, “We are not alone when terrible things happen to us and each of us has the ability to rise over whatever despairing situations try to bring us down. We can rise above anything. We ARE human. We ARE ALL beautiful. We ALL deserve to be heard. We ALL MATTER.” 

NISHA (S.Nishanthini) – India, Freelance content writer

An ardent feminist and a go-getter, Nisha firmly believes that small things can make a big difference. She is a Freelance Content Writer who writes articles, blogs and poems. She is also a change-maker who is passionate about working towards myriad social causes. Her breakthrough in life came through an online women-only community where she landed an opportunity to become a published writer/poet. Since then, she has co-authored around 11 anthologies for various publications. She also got an opportunity to work for a Startup and individual different clients that imparted her more exposure in her writing career. In addition to that, she also became successful in securing a few impactful internships and volunteering opportunities with several Indian and international organizations. She is never afraid of trying her hand at all the unconventional careers out there. She likes to dance, sing, do gardening, cook and smash patriarchy whenever she gets a chance to. Her future plans are to land paid promotions and work with top brands besides taking her love for music and dance to the next level.

The Achievements of Nisha

  • June 2021 – Her blog ‘Time to Brainstorm Energy Self-Sufficiency Model Like the Seville Way’ was retweeted by Emasesa (a Spanish municipal water corporation) and AEOPAS (Spanish Association of Public Water Operators)

Link to the blog:

  • Feb 2022 – Been a part of a global magazine (Arcobaleno)
  • Feb 2022 – Featured in Edition 6 of the Irenic Magazine by the Eclipse Event Community (an initiative by The Unheard Stories)
  • March 2022 – Won her first-ever award: Lost Pearl Oyster Awards
  • Category: Inspiring Female Writer of the Year 2022
  • May 2022 – Landed her first-ever promotion of a book: Promotions of the novel ‘The Last Love Story’ by Deepthy P Nair
  • July 2022 – In April, one of Nisha’s colleagues at a Youth-Led International Organisation connected with her regarding an exchange program. Nisha was selected as one of the Indian representatives for the program. She was the Executive Supervisor for the Department of Femmepreneurship.

SABITA DAKUA  – India, Author of Motivational books

Sabita Dakua is an author of 6 books and coauthor of 60+ books. She is a volunteer and judge in many communities. She has completed a master’s degree in business administration and psychology student. Her professional background clubs with 7years of experience in corporate and banking sectors. She has participated in many platforms and won awards in life.

One of them shouted in her mind – “You will start it and change the game of life”. These words embarked in her mind and continuous efforts were raised to make them accurate.

After releasing the first article in college and getting shouldered by a professor she dared to startup writing skills on social media platforms. Her quotes and poems writing skills were cherries on the cake to the compiler’s eye. She got continuous dm to participate in anthologies and started her new journey in lockdown. Motivating others became her self-inspiring thoughts. She has participated in many publications including Flairs and Glairs, Poetic souls, Rosewood publication, Blue birds publication, JEC publication, Serving you publication, Inkzoid foundation, etc.

AKASH GUPTA – India, Entrepreneur, Founder of Fireboxx Entrepreneur Pvt Ltd., World Record Holder

Akash Gupta,a native of West Bengal Kharagpur, has graduated from Jain University Bangalore with a degree and currently attends AIMIT Bangalore pursuing an MBA degree.

As a passionate entrepreneur, he believes that entrepreneurship can change the world.

Although he was born into a middle-class family, he never forgot to dream and strive to achieve his goals. As a writer, he didn’t get many opportunities at the beginning of his career. Akash decided to provide people with a platform with reasonable prices and more benefits since the market cost was high and is still high today, so he started a firm for artists and launched Fireboxx on September 15 2019, which has helped over 1000 people till date. On 12th April 2022, Fireboxx Entrepreneurs pvt ltd was launched and its vision is to create entrepreneurs for the future of India. Among his world records are the Kalam Book of World Records and the International Book of World Records. Over 50 writings in all genres have been written by him.

In his opinion, today’s era is for entrepreneurs and startups, where every day new unicorns are created, and many startups fail due to a lack of knowledge, marketing, financial conditions, etc. Therefore, an entrepreneur should always conduct research before launching the company..”

His gratitude goes out to the Fireboxx team and his supporters for helping him succeed.

Take small actions, and one day you will achieve your dreams”- Akash Gupta (founder and CEO of Fireboxx Entrepreneur Pvt. Ltd.).

His instagram id is @iamkush1028

We wish each of the five emerging personalities the best in all their future endeavours and look forward to more masterpieces from them in the future.

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