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As It Approaches Its 39th Anniversary, this July, J.K. Shah Classes Stands out as a Beacon for Commerce Related Edupreneurs in India and the World

As It Approaches Its 39th Anniversary this July J.K. Shah Classes Stands out as a Beacon for Commerce Related Edupreneurs in India and the World

An Indian Success Story

It is a quintessentially Indian success story. In July, 1983, a man in his twenties, who had come from Gujarat to the city of Bombay (now Mumbai) with nothing, began a coaching class in a classroom in Mumbai’s Charni Road area. JK Shah studied for his CA in Mumbai and immediately after clearing his CA Final, he began teaching.

Today, almost 39 years later, J. K. Shah Classes is the Gold Standard in Commerce Related Coaching. 

Highest Number of All India Rank Holders in Various Exams

J. K. Shah Classes, or JKSC, founded by the legendary Prof. JK Shah, has more than 65 centres across the country, with over 200 full-time faculty members, over 500 support staff members, and a stellar online learning platform which students from over 1000 cities and towns are availing the benefit of. Lakhs of students have qualified as professionals, thanks to these coaching classes, and J. K. Shah Classes holds the distinction of having churned out the highest number of All India Rank Holders at various exams. Since 2016, they have had over 200 rankers for CS. Since 2001, they have had over 1800 rankers for CA. The classes coach, mentor and test students for professional courses like CA, CS, CMA and Junior College.

“Our aim is to teach every child and make him or her a professional.” -Prof. JK Shah

“We at JKSC believe in empowering students, irrespective of their backgrounds, with professional degrees which enable them to find rewarding jobs and run successful businesses based on what they have learned,” says Prof. JK Shah, Chairman and Managing Director of JKSC. “Our course fees are affordable by most parts of the society and we also offer concessions for those in need. Our aim is to teach every child and make him or her a professional.”

From One Class in Mumbai to Over 65 Coaching Centres throughout India

Beginning in 1983, J. K. Shah Classes soon became a benchmark for CA coaching in India. In 2006, it started courses for Junior College. In 2010 J. K. Shah Classes inaugurated its first outstation centre in Bengaluru, and, in 2012, its second outstation centre in Ahmedabad. From then there was no looking back. The classes continued to grow, both in Mumbai as well as throughout India, to become a formidable force for commerce coaching in the country. In 2016, J. K. Shah Classes began offering a course for CS in Mumbai, then extending this to many of its outstation centres, and in 2019 JKSC began offering CMA.

J. K. Shah Classes’s Recipe for Success

The stupendous results achieved by the students of J. K. Shah Classes is a key reason for its success. But how does J. K. Shah Classes ensure these results?

“The professional courses like CA, CS & CMA are correspondence courses, where the respective institutes do not have any colleges or classroom-based learning for the students,” says Vishal Shah, Prof. Shah’s son, and CEO of J. K. Shah Online. “The students are provided with the course textbooks and are expected to prepare for the exams on their own. However, with the courses having the reputation of being some of the toughest in the commerce field, the students find it very difficult to prepare for the exams without any guidance.”

“This is where we at JKSC come in,” Pooja Shah, Prof. Shah’s daughter, who heads the face-to-face vertical at J. K. Shah Classes, says. “By providing simplified study materials, experienced and highly qualified faculty members, expertly created study schedules, mock tests, classrooms with excellent infrastructure, mentoring programmes to track and improve the students’ progress, a proprietary and robust online learning management system and seminars and webinars by eminent lecturers-all with the singular goal of helping students with their exam preparations.”

“As for Junior college,” says Vishal Shah. “While the syllabus is offered by colleges across the city, their approach to teaching is not holistic. We at JKSC rely on concept-based coaching, which lays students’ foundations right for any course that students want to opt for in the future.”

Vishal and Pooja Shah are both Chartered Accountants. They, too, enrolled at JKSC, under their father, to clear their CA exams. Now both of them are carrying forward the legacy at J. K. Shah Classes.

How J. K. Shah Classes Beat the Pandemic

In the last two years of Covid-19, when coaching classes were shutting down, J.K. Shah Classes enrolled more students than ever before and these students continued to achieve All India Ranks and break records. This was largely thanks to the collaboration between Prof. Shah’s children, Vishal and Pooja Shah. Vishal Shah’s brainchild  J. K. Shah Online — the online classes of J. K. Shah — proved to be the mode for reaching students during the pandemic, and Pooja Shah, with her firm grip on the face to face classes, was instrumental in organising the faculty and staff to smoothly take the face to face experience online.

Here is what has made the online classes so valuable for students in over 1000 cities and towns:

  • J. K. Shah Classes created a virtual classroom experience for all of their 75000+ students
  • This includes features like Live Online Lectures with two-way interactions
  • There is also same-day access to recorded backup of live lectures
  • There are beautifully designed study materials to supplement online learning
  • This also includes regular tests with remote supervision and digital paper evaluation
  • Also, a mentoring programme by senior faculty members
  • Plus, there are free webinars for all CA students by JK Shah, and other eminent members, to help students prepare for their exams
  • J. K. Shah Classes has put in place 24×7 doubt solving mechanisms over WhatsApp
  • There is live online doubt solving by experienced faculty members, with two-way interactions

JKSC’s Vision for the Future

JKSC has launched CFA® (US) Coaching with the first batches having commenced recently. “It is one of the most powerful global qualifications with recognition in 162 countries,” says Vishal Shah.

Also, JKSC has resumed classroom lectures in Mumbai, after almost 2 years, after doing so in all their outstation centres, in a phased manner. “We are welcoming back more than 3000 students every week,” says Pooja Shah.

“Our vision is to educate every child; we want to touch the lives of students from as early as we can and for as long as we can,” says Prof. JK Shah. “The future of education lies neither only in face-to-face lectures nor only in online lectures. It lies in hybrid forms of lectures, which very few can offer. Our aim is to be industry leaders in all 3 forms of imparting education in the years to come.”

J. K. Shah Classes will also be launching further courses, and opening many more centres across India, taking their pedagogy (method and system of teaching) to as many students as they can.

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