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Virtuous Indeed: Dr Kishor Navandar a man of morals

Virtuous Indeed Dr Kishor Navandar a man of morals

An Ethical Businessman

Leading a life with values and ethics has become a task in today’s time. The cutting edge competitiveness has taken a toll on the basic moralities of humans. Yet, the world remains beautiful and worth living because of a few people. The contributions made by them towards the upliftment of the society make living easier for others.

Dr KishorNavandar is among those really few visionaries and philanthropists who still hold on to strong moral characters in their day-to-day practices. Dr Navandar, a resident of the fastest-growing city Pune in Maharashtra is determined to live his life based on principles that he defines for himself. Indeed, a man of values, refined character, and hard work knows that what he chose for himself does not come easy. Hence, he accepts the challenges openheartedly and keeps moving forward.

A philanthropist is the one who is aware that the act of kindness in any form, financial or physical is a personal choice, knows Dr.Navandar. Adding voice to the acts of compassion degrades the worthiness, says Navandar. In his acts of humanity, he believes in keeping a secret of his identity, and this choice is driven by a belief that a giver receives in manifolds.

Values vs Deals

Leading with such philosophies, Dr.Navandar is an entrepreneur, with ethics and great moral values. Not only in personal aspects, even professionally, has he believed that every individual should be appreciated, acknowledged, and benefitted. There have been times when Dr.Navandar agreed to make losses in business and refused lucrative business deals when the other party was not in sync with his values.

He holds multiple charity activities serving a lot of people across the country, without revealing it with a primary intention to help people and help them lead better lives.

Education and Start-ups

Dr.Kishor Navandar is a well-educated man with a combination of skill and talent who has a fair understanding of business prospects. At the same time, he is courageous enough to take on challenges. He completed his schooling followed by Degree in Business Studies from Symbiosis International University.

After completing his studies, he began with his start-up. A textile business, when most students of his age opted for conventional career options. He always wanted to do something unique and could answer his callings in time.

Later, he headed to Australia to pursue higher studies and returned to India in the year 2002. Now, it was the time to explore another genre in business, hence, he started with Real Estate. Steadily and gradually moving ahead, today he owns multiple companies with varied business domains, yet keeping his values intact.

Dr.Navandar states that his passion for his work keeps him going despite the challenges of entrepreneurship and his compassion towards society, courage, and faith keep him positive in all situations. Dr.Navandar has less to talk about difficulties and more to share his experiences that could work as stepping stones for many disheartened and exhausted ones.

When you are honest with your deeds, you are unstoppable. Your true recognition is not in you talking of your achievements, it is when others start stating you as an example.

Recognition and Awards

Dr.Navandar was recently awarded a Doctorate by Harvard Affiliated institution, which is great recognition for his works and achievements. However, he knows that this brings greater responsibilities. He says, “Passion towards work drives me crazy. Every morning I begin my day with equal excitement as I really adore what I do.” He adds that he is grateful for the opportunities he has been bestowed with.

Dr. Kishore today has established himself as a pronoun for success. His business ranges from Hospitality and Real Estate and extends to Media, Adventure sports, energy, and Soft Drinks.

Dr.Kishor is one of the pioneers in the Hospitality Industry. His vision and innovations contribute unique ideas to his business.  He has been named by Forbes India as one of the top 50 visionaries in India 2021 and has recently been ranked and selected for the Fortune India 500 list 2021 edition. Asian Achievers Award, Dubai recently felicitated him for outstanding performance in Real Estate and Hospitality in India.

He holds several awards and recognitions for the niche he has created through his continuous efforts

  • Asia’s Best Innovative Entrepreneur Award, supported by RULA Awards ASIA Award.
  • Certificate for Outstanding Contribution to Hospitality through the World.
  • Leadership Conclave jointly organized by the Global Triumph Foundation and Image
  • Planet, MSME, Government of India.
  • Asian Achievers Award in Dubai for Outstanding Performance in Real Estate and
  • Hospitality in India.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Achievers Award for Outstanding Performance in Presenting the
  • Future of Real Estate in India.
  • Top 50 visionaries by Forbes India in 2021.

The receiver of multiple awards and recognitions from esteemed organizations and forums, Kishor still considers himself to be a spontaneous learner. Although he enjoys appreciation for hard work and dedication, he remains grounded as he considers acclamations to be part of the journey and not the ultimate goal. He takes learning to be a continuous process and his openness to up-gradation of skills makes him different.

Youth, The Nation

He strongly believes that the youth of the nation has the ability to transform the country with their innovative ideas. He wishes that the new generation takes entrepreneurship and makes the world a better place to live.

We are the country with the world’s highest youth population. We have a great potential to set up and develop global business opportunities. Kishor says that entrepreneurship has become a compulsion rather than an option. The alarming issue of unemployment has raised the need for employers. He is overwhelmed to see the increasing number of startups trying to solve multiple problems that people face in their day-to-day life.

The passionate ones about leading through innovation and ready to continuously strive for it will surely succeed in life. The youth should volunteer to take up the responsibility for the country’s growth. They can create more opportunities that empower our country’s infrastructure and economy. He suggests that youngsters who wish to set up a business should thoroughly analyse, and plan resources, finances, and all other basic requirements needed to make the company successful.

His take on success is that there is no fixed formula to succeed in life as it varies from person to person.

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