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Mohit Verma Launches Industry-Leading SEO Agency, Mohit’s SEO Training

In response to the growing gap between digital marketing industry demands and the foundational SEO knowledge typically imparted, Mohit Verma, an eminent figure with over nine years of expertise in Search Engine Optimization, has founded Mohit’s SEO Training platform, an advanced SEO agency aimed at thoroughly preparing students for immediate employment in the field.

Established on January 4, 2022, Mohit’s SEO Training has quickly become recognised as the best SEO company in India. The program offers fully online, job-focused training designed to equip college students and budding company founders with real-world skills from day one.

“Mohit’s SEO Training is committed to bridging the significant divide between what the industry expects and the skills students acquire,” said Mohit Verma, Founder and CEO. “Our curriculum is not just about learning SEO but mastering it to a level where our students can immediately apply their knowledge effectively in their careers.”

The program leverages an AI-enabled approach, emphasising a unique F.P.D.P process that guarantees success and growth in organic search rankings. This method has been a game-changer for many who have previously struggled with less transparent and effective courses.

Moreover, Mohit’s initiative includes comprehensive SEO consulting services. “We understand the frustration clients face with agencies that fail to deliver the expected outcomes,” Verma added. The team of SEO experts at Mohit’s SEO Training performs detailed website SEO analysis and crafts strategies that ensure clients and trainees alike can experience sustainable growth.

The SEO services cover a wide array of specialisations, including Amazon/Flipkart SEO, eCommerce SEO, B2B and B2C SEO, International SEO, and Local SEO, making it a holistic choice for various client needs.

“Our ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing our clients and trainees succeed. We are not just a training centre but partners in your growth journey,” concluded the CEO.

About Mohit’s SEO Training

Mohit’s SEO Training is a premier digital marketing education centre and SEO agency based in India. Founded by SEO veteran Mohit Verma, the company specialises in high-level SEO and digital marketing strategies, helping both students and businesses achieve exceptional growth and performance in the digital space.

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