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Meet Dr. Santhi Saravanan: An Accomplished Artist, Financial Advisor, and Inspirational Speaker

Meet Dr. Santhi Saravanan: An Accomplished Artist Financial Advisor and Inspirational Speaker

Dr. Santhi Saravanan is a name that conjures up images of adaptability, brilliance, and passion. She is a renowned artist, accomplished artist, financial advisor, seasoned musician, well-known poet, sensational writer, and inspirational speaker, among many other accomplishments. Her journey of more than 20 years has been remarkable, marked by toil, tenacity, and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

She is also an environmentalist who has worked towards promoting sustainable practices and protecting the natural environment. As an artist who is deeply connected to nature, she has created several works of art that showcase the beauty of the natural world and highlight the importance of preserving it for future generations.

Art helped her influence people. It is important to enjoy learning new stuff. Art is related to nature, Art is the best way to appreciate the beauty of nature. As the Director of Taru Financial Services, she is a skilled financial management consultant and an eminent advisor. She upgrades herself in Financial Literature studies and Financial Services by learning new derivatives and technologies to provide better solutions to their esteemed clients and maintain clear accounts through Taru Financial Services.

She is also the founder of Taru Fine Arts & Cultural Global Forum, a platform that encourages, practices, and promotes cultural and various forms of art. As an artist, she outclasses herself out of her own passion and creativity, along with nature as a friend, and enjoys doing many such activities to outshine in her journey of art while still learning new stuff every day. With the help of art she could enrich the knowledge of young minds as a social service with best quality.

She is an accomplished Carnatic musician and Veena player, and a prominent poet, writing English and Tamil poetry. She is also a sensational writer of blogs and content. Her expertise in more than 11+ diverse fields, with 25+ records, 145+ awards, and more than 20 years of experience, has been recognized worldwide.

She is an outstanding motivational speaker on a wide range of topics such as art, entrepreneurship, life skills, women’s empowerment, and many others. She has been conferred with several honorary doctorates for her contributions to her profession, art, and as a social activist. She has also been empowered as an ambassador for her social activities, art, and entrepreneurial skills development activities. She has taught people never to stop learning. Art and Finance are interrelated as well, through the form of art finance.

As a chief editor, she pens down her thoughts and releases FINDROPS, a bimonthly magazine that talks about art, financial wisdom and other aspects. She has guided college students and budding entrepreneurs as a keynote speaker for entrepreneur skills (commerce), art, and culture through guest lectures to succeed in life in several topics such as start-up entrepreneurship, faculty, holistic life, farming, and nurturing our nature, to name quite a few on the list.

An expert Badminton player for about 15 years, Principal Trainer and Menthe principal trainer, and chief mentor of Sports Education, She is an inspiration for many young women. She believes in the power of positive thinking and loves nature, which gives her the strength to come back with more willpower and conquer challenges.

Her journey is an example to all, conveying that hard work never fails. She attains this through her hard work, perseverance, support, and most importantly the blessings of God, her ancestors, and her well-wishers. With international conferences, many journals, and panel discussions lined up in the future, she is poised to make an even bigger impact in the years to come.

She has been conferred with several honorary doctorates for her contributions to her profession, art, and social activism. She has also been empowered as an Ambassador for her Social Activities, Art, and Entrepreneur Skills Development Activities. With international conferences, many journals, and panel discussions lined up in the future, she is poised to make an even bigger impact in the years to come. In conclusion, she is a complex individual whose life story motivates a lot of people. Her passion, perseverance, and commitment to excellence are inspiring. She has achieved success in numerous fields and made significant contributions to each of them. The journey of Dr. Santhi is proof that perseverance, hard work, and dedication can yield remarkable results.

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