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London Book of World Records Honors DaivagyaG for Preserving Indian Astrological Sciences

Noida (Uttar Pradesh), India, June 11, 2024: In a momentous encounter amidst the bustle of the upcoming movie set for Tanvi the Great Movie, a profound dialogue unfolded between the venerable Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri, founder of DaivagyaG, and renowned actor Jackie Shroff. Reflecting on the themes of destiny and structure, Jackie Shroff aptly remarked, “Just as the stars guide us, the spaces we inhabit shape us,” tying into the core beliefs of astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Established in 2005, DaivagyaG has been at the forefront of preserving and promoting the ancient Indian sciences of astrology and Vastu Shastra. Under the guidance of Dr. Dev, an esteemed practitioner with over 18 years of expertise, the consultancy has achieved notable accolades, including a prestigious listing in the London Book of World Records.

DaivagyaG is dedicated to empowering individuals by offering personalised consultations that provide clarity on life’s various aspects such as relationships, career, and health. The consultancy’s achievements include over 250,000 Kundali readings and 5,000 Vastu maps, each meticulously crafted to guide clients towards a harmonious and prosperous life.

The recognition from the London Book of World Records underscores DaivagyaG’s commitment to its mission. This honour serves not only as validation of their work but also as motivation to continue their efforts in educating and enriching lives through the wisdom of Indian astrology.

Dr. Shastri, besides being a guiding light in astrology, has also authored several best-selling books including “The Vastu Sanskar” and “Jyotish Sanskar.” These publications are vital resources, offering practical remedies for common astrological and Vastu-related discrepancies.

Expanding its digital footprint, DaivagyaG collaborates with notable platforms such as Astrosage and offers guest expertise on apps like AstroBaba and Guruji. The imminent launch of the Devastro Manglam Astrology app further exemplifies their initiative to make astrological resources accessible to a global audience.

Dr. Dev Shastri believes that aiding individuals in navigating life’s challenges is more than a profession—it is a way of life and a noble pursuit that enriches the human spirit. DaivagyaG continues to stand as a pillar of knowledge and guidance, bridging ancient wisdom with the needs of the modern world, one consultation at a time.

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