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“Inspiring Raksha Bandhan Celebration: Cancer Survivor Kids and Handicapped Girls Tie Rakhi to Honorable Governor Ramesh Bais ji, Organized by Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust”

In a heartwarming initiative, the Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust organized a special Raksha Bandhan celebration at the Raj Bhavan with the honorable governor of Maharashtra, Ramesh Bais ji. The event was a beautiful example of inclusivity and compassion as cancer survivor kids and handicapped girls tied rakhis to the governor.

The trust, known for its dedicated work towards the underprivileged, partnered with the governor to make this celebration memorable for all involved. The event aimed to spread joy, positivity, and love among the children who have battled cancer and the handicapped girls facing various challenges in life.

With colorful decorations adorning the Raj Bhavan premises, the atmosphere was filled with positivity and excitement. The children, wearing their finest traditional attire, eagerly awaited their turn to tie rakhi to Ramesh Bais ji. The governor, known for his philanthropic efforts, warmly welcomed each child and girl, appreciating their bravery and resilience.

As the children tied rakhis to the governor’s wrist, they shared stories of their journey and struggles. Through their interactions, the event became a platform to raise awareness about cancer and disabilities while promoting a sense of empathy and understanding in society. The governor assured the children and girls of his support, promising to continue working towards their welfare.

The event served as a reminder that the bond of Raksha Bandhan goes beyond biological connections, spreading the message of love, care, and protection. The trust’s efforts to bring happiness and a sense of belonging to those who might feel marginalized earned accolades from all attendees.

Speaking about the event, Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust spokesperson said, “We are grateful to Governor Ramesh Bais ji for his support in making this celebration possible. The smiles on the faces of these brave children and the girls with disabilities are priceless. It is our collective responsibility to create a society that embraces everyone and ensures their well-being.”

The Raksha Bandhan celebration with Governor Ramesh Bais ji at the Raj Bhavan left a lasting impact on the children and girls, reminding them that they are loved, valued, and protected. Such initiatives go a long way in instilling a sense of confidence and hope in these young individuals, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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