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IMIT Group – Branded for victory! An idiosyncratic Brand Consultancy helping small businesses to achieve success!

IMIT Group – Branded for victory! An idiosyncratic Brand Consultancy helping small businesses to achieve success!


Being a TESOL certified individual from the ‘American TESOL Institute’, Nihharr Saraswala had started his journey as a ‘Content Writer’ back in 2011. Gradually, he decided to get more involved at the decision making stage before projects even reached his doorstep. This is when he discovered brand strategy.

Being obsessed and wanting everything to know about building a brand, connecting with customers, positioning and market research, Nihharr pursued ‘Certificate in Economics & International Business’ from International Business Management Institute (Berlin, Germany), ‘Strategic Management Course’ from Metropolitan School of Business & Management (United Kingdom) and ‘Green Fiscal Policy’ from United Nations Institute for Training & Research (Geneva, Switzerland) within these years for a better understanding of how businesses work.

Let us today try to learn from Nihharr how exactly his brand consultancy works, why your business needs it to survive and how to use it for both short term and long term business goals!

The Fortune India Reporter: How does your Brand Consultancy help businesses achieve their goals?

Nihharr: We basically work in a collaborative process with the company of any size to develop their brand strategy that basically includes in-depth goal setting, market research, competitor analysis and product positioning. We help in developing company values and culture, give long-term business direction using a roadmap, manage social media handles for the companies and create unique offers that help to attract more customers.

The Fortune India Reporter: Is branding just confined to logos, fonts and colour schemes? What’s your take on that?

Nihharr: No, this is in fact a common misconception we come across when it comes to brand strategy. A company should think of a brand as its reputation, and why people should buy from them. This is exactly where we come into the picture and seek to influence the buyers. I am not denying that tangible assets like logos, fonts and colour schemes are a part of process, and make up a brand identity, but the wider goal is how you build a brand, influence behaviour, and attract customers who never leave!

The Fortune India Reporter: How important is brand strategy for survival of the business?

Nihharr: Building a brand successfully and creatively is hugely valuable for the profitability of any business. It’s what makes the company’s offer memorable, it’s how they attract and retain customers, and that’s how business longevity develops. It’s no surprise that industry titans like Apple Inc. and boast brands worth tens of billions of dollars!

The Fortune India Reporter: What should a small and mid-size company prefer – a complete strategy or a short sprint?

Nihharr: If it pertains to an established business already having a brand strategy, then one might want to bring in a consultant to help solve a specific business problem or to give an outside perspective on the brand. Brand consultants can ideate prototype, test and feedback on potential solutions quickly and collaboratively. A good brand strategist can help companies of various capacities to build an intangible asset that will compound in value over time by guiding them at all important stages of business when they precipice of a big growth spurt.

The Fortune India Reporter: Last question, besides being a successful brand consultancy, are you planning to enter any other business as of now?

Nihharr: Yes, of late, as a group, we have already proceeded ahead in ‘Hospitality Management’ segment. We now provide various services like new/ongoing hospitality project evaluation, end-to-end hospitality solutions, menu planning and food designing, restaurant management and consultation, contractual staff recruitment services and project optimization for the hospitality sector along with industry veterans.   

[Nihharr can be reached at +91-88665-72000 or for corporate branding solutions.]

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