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Rachit Agarwal, or the Musafir, has founded Musafiri Adworks, a branding agency spread across Kolkata, Siliguri, Darjeeling and Gangtok regions.

Their services go up till the doors to other various parts of North Bengal.

Hailing from the “Chicken-neck” of India, Siliguri is a young poetic entrepreneur who has made his passion the way of his life.

Musafir as he likes to call himself was always a preacher of rationality and curiosity.

To think is to live is what his ideals say.

At just 19, when Gen-Z kids these days are frenzy about brands and their products, this young lad has immersed himself into the world of corporates and has already dealt with leading brands in his region.

His company, Musafiri Adworks was the brainchild of Musafiri Ngo, an initiative that young Rachit Agarwal started back in his school days.

As a kid, he was always a bit different and never wanted to settle for less.

As we speak, his company provides various range of services that maketh a brand ranging from Outdoor, Indoor, Transit and Corporate Branding opportunities.

Rachit Agarwal believes in the philosophy of Mr.Claude C. Hopkins, one of the greatest advertisers of his time.

In the words of Rachit “Musafir” Agarwal,

“Consumer behaviour psychology is the key to crack any market. Branding is best when happened subconsciously and implicitly”.

Keeping these ideals in mind, he is also playing his role in being in the road of a philanthropist as early as 15 years of age.

He is currently working on a Corporate Social Responsibility Project involving one of the major collaborators in his region, in association with Musafiri Ngo, the firm’s CSR unit.

“The Copies Project”, as Mr Musafir likes to call it has once been accoladed with Covid Ambassador Award by Dainik Jagran and has been recognised by the official United Nations Major Group of Children and Youth portal.

When asked about the definition of success to the poet, he says,

“Forbes before 21.Thankyou.”

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