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Dr Rajkumar Tak -The Brain Behind Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award’s, A candid info on the Personality

Dr Rajkumar Tak -The Brain Behind Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award’s , A candid info on the Personality

Leading a life with values and ethics has become a task in today’s time. The cutting edge competitiveness has taken a toll on the basic moralities of humans. Yet, the world remains beautiful and worth living because of a few people. The contributions made by them towards the upliftment of the society make living easier for others.

Dr Rajkumar Tak is among those really few visionaries and philanthropists who still hold on to strong moral characters in their day-to-day practices. Dr Rajkumar Tak, a resident of the Financial capital of India -Mumbai in Maharashtra is determined to live his life based on principles that he defines for himself. Indeed, a man of values, refined character, and hard work knows that what he chose for himself does not come easy. Hence, he accepts the challenges openheartedly and keeps moving forward.

Dr Rajkumar Tak, In his acts of humanity, he believes in keeping a secret of his identity, and this choice is driven by a belief that a giver receives in manifolds.

He truly believes that People from various walks of life have dedicated their lives towards the service of Humanity and they are specially un recognised and still continue to serve the society effortlessly, he felt the need to recognise those not only for themselves but for others and the youth so that they should come forward and contribute to make the world a better place to live.

The Brain Behind Formulating the non-profit organisation Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award was to help to recognise those who have given their life to social, medical, business, science, education and various fields and also to those people who has given a contribution towards the society and build up their power towards the people.

Their teams constant humble and great effort is to felicitate the people for their effortless contribution and recognizing them with this Nobel peace award, this Noble work will give them and other’s inspiration to work more towards the society and encourage the youth generation with their Nobel work so that everyone can be responsible towards the development of the society.

The award ceremony encourages the youth generation to take this as a challenge so that in the coming years they can celebrate the victory and contribution towards society and facilitate them with Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award.

This Non-profit organisation since inception has done various felicitation programs cities like, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, Jammu and other different cities in India and now are also planning to go international.

The Organisation is also closely associated with various Ngo’s like Akruti foundation which is a centre with a vision to transform the lives of destitute women and children by providing them food, clothing, shelter and education to rescue them from the life of poverty, apart from them, Nelson Mandela Nobel peace award’s recent associations also include St Mother Teresa University (Australia), Niti Ayog, Good News International University, International Human Rights Mission and many more. 

One speaking with Dr Rajkumar Tak he says that the youth should volunteer to take up the responsibility for the country’s growth and social service. They can create more opportunities that empower our country and economy. He suggests that anyone who wish to get associated with them can get in touch with them.

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