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Dr. Jagdish Pareek : The Man who is an inspiration for millions of people

Dr. Jagdish Pareek : The Man who is an inspiration for millions of people

“Dr. Jagdish Pareek is the founder of Help India Online Foundation”

Jaipur, Rajasthan [India] : Becoming a person who earns during this world is nice. however, beginning your journey as a standard man and changing into one extraordinary one is what differentiates winners from losers. Dr. Jagdish Pareek, who was born in a middle-class family, is currently an integral part of Indian development through his knowledge & utter can to assist India. Yes, Help India Online Foundation, the nongovernmental organization started by the philanthropist in 2018 has helped many poor families.

Dr. Jagdish Pareek is a Meta Skill and neuroscience coach and holds the directorate position at Asia’s first Meta-skill and neuroscience research center. He is also a founding member of the “Help India online Foundation”, which strives to solve social issues and caters to Indian development. Dr. Pareek is doing a meritorious job by giving his bit back to society.

Even though the name of Dr. Jagdish Pareek, who has a rural background, may not be among the top richest people in the country earning crores of rupees today, he is the icon of millions of people who are standing on their feet through Help India. Dr. Pareek also came out of his village with a similar mission.” I should not be limited to my own employment”. Thousands and millions of people should do something with me, who too have cherished dreams of betterment in my life. This collective thinking of taking everyone together and working for the whole team gave birth to Help India.

Dr. Jagdish Pareek : The Man who is an inspiration for millions of people

Early Life of Dr. Jagdish Pareek :

He was born on 21st July 1986, in Nagaur district’s Jayal town in Rajasthan. He belonged to a middle-class family. His father worked in the Revenue Department as a government servant and his mother is a house maker. From the beginning, his folks wished him to pursue the standard path and settle in his career however he had another plan in his basket. His 1st job was as a finance head at the Walchandnagar industries in Mumbai however because of unknown reasons, he later determined to vary his career path from the finance sector to become a master coach of Meta talent and neurobiology.

Dr. Jagdish Pareek Education:

  • He did his graduation from Maharis Hyderabadi Dayanand University in BSC
  • MBA degree from the Business School.
  • A child psychology degree from the Malaysia forum
  • D. in neuropsychology

Dr. Jagdish Pareek as a Life Skill Specialist :

Pareek continuously works on assisting people to direct their focus on outcomes and have them as feedback, design parameters to possess a life of “success”.

He believes in the policy of characteristics and bridging the gap between where a person is and where he wants to be in their professional and personal lives.

The term “life skills” refers to skills that may facilitate us to live a much better life and facilitate us reach our goals. Dr. Jagdish is a Ph.D. in neuroscience and understands the brain and the problems arising due to it. Dr. Jagdish Pareek is the world’s most influential TEDx speaker.

Dr. Jagdish Pareek – Achievements

  • Jagdish Pareek is the director of World Number One Play School My School.
  • He is Director I Memory School Foundation
  • Director at Asia’s First Government Meta Skill Neuroscience Research Center
  • Pioneer Human Creative and Skill at School Level Program in India
  • Management Gold Medalist from Indian Business School
  • Child Psychologist from Malaysia Forum
  • ICF Certified Master Neuroscience and Wellness Coach
  • Trained more than 500 Prestigious schools, Teachers, & taken workshops of millions of parents.
  • NLP American Board and LDA America’s South Asia Coach
  • World record holder in government skill training
  • The father of India’s first preventive health institute and India’s first community-based job platform
  • Founding member at India’s first digital help-based platform that helps people free of charge at the time of Crisis,
  • He is doing the noble work of delivering more than 10,000 digital and professional courses and digital syllabus of NCERT to the children of India for free.
  • India’s first 50 neuroscience coaches have prepared in India’s first government skill university
  • Has written 16 books for State Board and Neuro Research
  • He wrote the world-first Meta Skill Neuroscience Book
  • Consulting Co-founder of RoboSmart Labs
  • Brand ambassador of Jaipur Ratna Samman Samaroh

Dr. Jagdish Pareek – Awards & Recognitions:

Mr. Pareek has also been awarded many times by the GOI and different prestigious institutes for his contribution to the society and development of India. Here is a list of some:

  • The Best Innovator in Education (2012)
  • Guinness Book of World Record in government skill training (2017)
  • Shiksha Ratna Award (2018)
  • Manav Mitra Award (2019)
  • Sanskrit Vadmay Award (2019)
  • Teaching Excellence Award in 2020
  • Asia’s Helping Hand Award 2020/2021
  • Asian Education Award 2021

Dr. Jagdish Pareek & Help India Organisation

HIO is a Non-profit Organization that enables to raise funds across India for healthcare, memorial, daughter’s marriage, disaster relief, and other social causes. Founded in 2018, with the mission to make excellent and passionate entrepreneurs and to build a better life for individuals and communities, Help India online is a hybrid organization, finding innovative ways to challenge the traditional thinking about nonprofit organizations (by focusing on economically sustainable models) and for-profit businesses (by focusing on solving social issues).

Summarising up:

During a time when the entire world is in an unprecedented situation, Dr. Jagdish Pareek has distributed sanitizers and masks across India. The Preventive Health Social Program was started off by Dr. Jagdish Pareek. He has also helped around 100 students to register their names in genius books of record, with the training programs.

To achieve his objectives, he plans to train 2,00,000 coaches across India while also working to reform the Indian educational system. Along with education, he wants to develop the country’s health system and continue to help as many people as possible.

To know more about Dr. Jagdish Pareek, Visit:

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