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DJ Ryan Nogar: Persuading Youth through music

Music and dance are considered to be the soul of any kind of celebration. While live music is something most people love, recorded sounds are presently gaining worldwide regard. The art of Deejaying more than just being about blaring speakers or cueing tracks; is a complete skilled emotion. 
“Deejaying is a passion and an art – something a significant number of the present-day youth are drawn towards. It should be encouraged as a profession in today’s day and age where the entertainment industry has been gaining extensive importance and the younger generations pushed to do what they love.”Ryan Nogar having himself kickstarted his musical career at a young age of 17, strongly believes that the younger generation should be allowed to follow the path they believe in and by initiating and holding DJ workshops, he is pleased to be doing his part to help turn the dreams of young aspirants into reality.  He makes time off his active schedule to provide personalised hands-on training to his students and if situations permit, assists them in finding suitable gigs wherever possible. 
Music has the power to unite people worldwide and new-age artists are truly helping in uniting people across the world. While the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt on contemporary nightlife across the world, this versatile artist is spreading positivity, joy and faith through his unparalleled music and continues to connect and entertain their patrons and fans through his social media handle.
He further believes, “Trends are always changing, preferences evolving by the minute. It’s really important to stay updated to be able to give distinct audiences what they want.” This indeed has helped him stay relevant even after so many years of this dynamic profession. 
With lockdown restrictions being eased across the country, DJ Ryan wishes to get back to work – educating young artists while continuing to serve his fans their favourite style of sounds.

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