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Bibek Ranjan Sarkar – Young budding Instagram Influencer from Kharagpur

Bibek Ranjan Sarkar - Young budding Instagram Influencer from Kharagpur

Bibek Ranjan Sarkar also popular by his username igbibekrj on Instagram is a well-known lifestyle influencer from Kharagpur who is working with top brands in the country and is an inspiration to teenagers of his age.

He also had a keen interest in photography and that’s how he got introduced to Instagram.

It was in 2018 when he just used to upload pictures of his photography in social media and started getting attention on social media, which eventually led him to post more of his lifestyle updates on Instagram which matched the interest of his followers.

Being a young budding Instagram influencer he soon started to get brand collaborations and invites from top brands in the country.

Bibek Ranjan Sarkar has now worked with 100+ brands and also managed to save money for his education.

As an influencer, he always tries his best to inspire people to achieve their goals and become successful in their fields. he sets one of the best examples by having a great versatility in his career and education and being the best in whatever he does. He also actively takes part in NGOs and inspires his followers to walk on the same path.

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